With the new year underway, we are all making new commitments in both health and fitness.  Eating better, juicing, new workout routines, more yoga, taking time for ourselves, getting more sleep… You name it we are ready for it!  But what about skincare?  What about understanding more about what is causing signs of aging, hyperpigmentation or acne?  Just as we commit to new health and fitness goals, we forget to make skincare a lifestyle change as well.  Don’t get me wrong, you will see major positive changes in your skin when you are making more mindful health and fitness choices, but the work you are doing inside only makes up half of what is truly obtainable.  Do you go to the gym for one hour one time and see results?  Can you feel a consistent energy boost just from one green juice?  It takes patience and dedication to see the results we want no matter what we are working towards.


  I’ve trained, studied, and researched skin over the last 10 years and I am excited to share everything I can to help you understand it all as well.  I am making a commitment to you this year, so we can personalize and achieve healthy skin goals that help you look and feel your best!  Join me here on my Blog and on Instagram @xo.kristaspence where I will be sharing posts to influence healthy skin.  I will also include questions I receive with detailed responses that could benefit other readers, so share your curiosity with me and I will address solutions!

Happy 2017 and congratulations on making healthy choices inside and out!