Microdermabrasion & Chemical Peels are professional services that work to resurface the outer layer of the epidermis, the layer you can actually see.  Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation and Chemical Peels are a chemical exfoliation.  Utilizing these services separately or in conjunction will help brighten and soften your skin while increasing skin cell turnover.  This can be an aggressive combination of services so make sure you know the quality of the products and esthetician before having this treatment done.

I have designed a 6 week series of micro and chemical peels for clients who are looking to treat hyper-pigmentation.  Below is an example of a client I  treated with 6 treatments over 8 weeks. I gradually increased the intensity of the micro and the percentage of the chemical peels to build progression. To maximize results I had her use a gentle & nourishing home care kit.  After her 8 weeks of treatments with me and her consistently using the recommend products at home, we were blown away with the improvements.  You can see how her darker spots drastically lightened and there is even a smoother, brighter texture to her skin.


At home products I recommend to nourish skin through this resurfacing series:

  1. Apricot Cream Cleanser       
  2. Dermal Mist/ Brazilian Propolis Mist     
  3. Hydro-Plus Moisturizer (Morning Use)
  4. Soothe Dermal Balm (for extra dryness, layer hydro plus and soothe dermal balm at night )                       
  5. Extreme Cream Propolis Sunscreen SPF 45(Daily Use)

A few weeks prior to your service…

  • Stay away from UV exposure.
  • Do not wax or have any type of hair removal before (if so, make sure your esthetician knows to apply a barrier over waxed areas).
  • Stop using medications such as Retin-A, Tazorac, Renova, Accutane, Differin, Avage, or any high percentage glycolic acid products 1 week prior to peel.
  • Stop use of any exfoliating products 1 week prior.
  • If pregnant, lactating, or think you may be pregnant, always consult doctor prior to receiving professional treatments.
  • Use recommened home care products to properly prepare your skin.

For your daily routine…

  • Use gentle cleansers.
  • No harsh exfoliants.
  • Avoid all waxing hair removal procedures.
  • Avoid excessive heat.
  • Nourish your skin.
  • Do not pick.
  • SPF! Apply Sun Protection with a minimum of SPF 15, every 2 hours if outdoors.

After your treatment…

  • Avoid all forms of direct UV rays and excessive heat for at least 2 weeks.
  • Apply Sun Protection with a minimum of SPF 15 every 2 hours if outdoors.
  • Do not use a tanning bed for at least 3 weeks.
  • Discontinue use of topical retinoids prescribed by a doctor.
  • Do not have any form of Micro, chemical peel, or laser treatment for a minimum of 14 days.
  • Do not have injectables, waxing, electrolysis, and/or use of depilatories for a minimum of 2-5 days post service.

Additional Post treatment suggestions…

Allow the skin to rest and normalize overnight. If necessary, you may apply make up after. Wait at least 30 minutes after your treatment. If the skin begins to peel or flake, do not pull or pick at the skin as this may cause trauma or hyper pigmentation. Do not exercise and avoid excessive heat (baths, showers, hot tubs, steam rooms, and saunas). Stay out of the sun, wear hats, protect your skin and reapply SPF every 2 hours if outdoors.

As intense as this series may sound, it truly delivers amazing results.  Microdermabrasion and Chemical peels can be added to any of my facial services for additional benefits such as anti aging, firming, and detoxifying.  If this is something you are interested in learning more about, please Comment below or contact me at info@kristaspence.com!