Here are a the top 3 concerns my clients are seeking help to treat:

1. Hyper-pigmentation

2. Acne

3. Anti Aging/Basic Care

Let me explain in a little more detail what each of these are and what could be causing them…

Hyper-pigmentation: The major cause of hyper-pigmentation is external UV exposure causing sun damage. Unprotected skin can result in age spots and or darken exisiting  hyper-pigmented areas. Internal hyper-pigmentation can be caused by pregnancy, various medications and acne. During pregnancy  hormones can trigger overproduction of melanin that causes a “pregnancy mask”.   Women who take birth control may also develop hyper-pigmentation as the body experiences similar hormonal change as when pregnant. Other factors can be a result from outside causes. Acne for instance, can leave you with light scarring that may darken existing breakouts.


Acne: Acne is a chronic disease. Internal factors of acne can be caused by stress, fluctuating hormones and genetics. Sweat glands also release toxins in the body that can also make you break out depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Acne can also be by a Zinc and Vitamin A deficiency.  External factors come from bacteria and environment. An overproduction in the sebaceous glands (oil) and a buildup of dead skin cells that clog the pores and create congestion (blackheads). The congested areas have a rough texture and dull/grey appearance. If the congested areas get infected with bacteria, it can spread and create pustules (white heads).  When treating acne it is important to find the right moisturizer.  If your skin gets too dry, your skin starts  to produce excess oil that can get trapped in the skin from a lack of exfoliation and hydration which causes inflammation.


Anti Aging/ Basic Maintenance: There are two distinct types of aging; internal which is genetic and external which is caused by environmental factors such as the sun. A majority of collagen loss in your face can be from UV sun damage. The appearance of wrinkles and discoloration can appear and make skin seem less radiant. Around the age of 25 collagen and elastin start to break down. Skin can be more dry causing  lines and wrinkles to appear more prominent.  As we age, gravity takes its toll so the need for hydration, productive circulation and collagen is key.


In Addition… Free Radicals are caused internally and externally.  Free radicals are responsible for the visible and invisible signs of aging. Free radicals are caused externally by environmental factors like UV rays, radiation, cigarette smoke, automobile exhaust, and pesticides. Internal causes consist of not getting enough rest, excess stress, or not maintaining a healthy diet. Free radicals can damage the DNA of your skin cells destroying the collagen and elastin in your skin. Wrinkles, dryness, and sensitivity are all jeopardized by free radicals. To maintain vibrant, glowing skin you must take good care of yourself so SPF should be applied daily and seeking treatments are a must!

Offering solutions is very important to me and my mission as an esthetician.  I take my time understanding concerns and personalizing a plan to treat them.  I offer complimentary consultations to anyone seeking advice so you are welcome to comment with questions below or email me personally for a one on one ( … I am excited to help!