Skin Type 101

It’s important to know your skin… Understanding your skin type will help determine a regime suitable for your needs and desired results.  It is also crucial when choosing products for both basic and intensive treatments.

Here is what to look for when defining your skin type…

Dry- Skin does not produce enough oil and may feel dehydrated. Dry patches and flakiness. Usually feels tight & uncomfortable after washing. Dryness can cause sensitivity to the skin.

Normal- Skin is well balanced, has a smooth texture and small pores.

Combo- Combo skin is the most common. T-zone is oily or shiny by mid-day. Dry areas on the cheeks, intermittent blackheads, and fine lines among drier areas.

Oily-Skin appears shiny by mid day, large pore size and thicker texture, may have blackheads and be prone to occasional breakouts.

&/or/sometimes Sensitive- Skin tends to be red, blotchy, uncomfortable, or have a thin texture. Hyper-active to external and internal factors, more prone to premature aging.  This can come and go, depending on the health of your skin or can be genetically inherited.

Define your Skin Conditions

Your skin type doesn’t change whereas your skin conditions are consistently changing. There are many factors that affect skin conditions such as; genetics, weather, emotions, hormones, and stress. I recommend to consult an esthetician to perform a skin analysis to determine your skin condition.


  • Skin is lacking water; the skin may be any skin type
  • Skin is rough and possibly itchy
  • Fine lines may be more visible


  • Clogged pores, whiteheads, and pimples are present
  • Larger pore size
  • The skin may appear oily, but may also be dehydrated
  • Chronic or cyclical breakouts occur


  • Rough texture to the touch
  • Thicker skin
  • Areas of black heads, white heads, and/or milia are present


  • Persistent flushing, skin often feels irritated. Environmental or topical triggers may increase symptoms. Dehydrated areas are present. Visible redness and/or capillaries are present.

Impaired Barrier

  • Increased sensitivity to ingredients & external irritants
  • Skin does not retain moisture, feels dry, uncomfortable, and easily irritated. Skin feels tight and uncomfortable after cleansing


  • Visible lines & wrinkles
  • Dull skin tone
  • Chronic low-grade inflammation and/or sensitivity
  • Complexion is uneven and may have areas of pigmentation imbalance

Sun Damage

  • Dark spots- hyper-pigmentation
  • Loss of moisture, dry and flaky areas
  • The skin may have thick or rough texture

What’s your skin type?  I would love to offer you a complimentary online consultation so comment below or email me with what you have determined here and we can get started!