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Empowerment Makeover

As we continue to celebrate a month recognizing women in history, we want to do a little something special!


Along the way we have been influenced by many of you strong women reminding us we can dream and succeed.

To say thank you, we are gifting an “Empowerment Makeover” to a special nominee! We invite you to take a minute and recognize a woman in your life who has influenced you in such a way.  You can nominate her by commenting below or direct messaging us on Instagram!  Just include her name and a few reasons how she has reminded you to believe in yourself. At the end of the month we will select a winner to receive;

1. Color
2. Cut
3. Custom Facial
4. Brow Shaping
5. Full Makeup to finish

This package is valued at $450!  Share our mission to spread the love and good luck to all of our nominees!


Krist & Angelina


5 Tips to Clear, Radiant, and Glowing Skin!

5 Tips to maintain Clear, Radiant, and Glowing Skin!

  1. NEVER skip on a cleanse
  2. Keep your hands off your face/ NO picking
  3. Drink lots of water
  4. Change out your pillow cases weekly
  5. Clean your makeup brushes monthly

Cleansing is the first step to clear skin. Every skin type should cleanse morning and night so, no more quickies!  In addition, you should be washing your skin for a minimum of TWO MINUTES!! Start simple by adding in a solid cleanse to your routine to make it a habit. Cleansing at night is most important, especially those with oily or combination skin. Consistency is key here so just make the commitment and enjoy the benefits!

NO PICKING!! This is actually the worst thing you can do. If you are acne prone, keep your hands off! Bacteria, viruses, and allergens are transferred from your fingertips to your skin with just one touch.  This common habit can lead to  to spreading bacteria to cause break outs and even scarring.

Water keeps your skin looking good… period! When you’re dehydrated, your skin shrivels up causing scars to appear darker and more raised. Fine lines and wrinkles are also more visible. Overall your skin feels and looks lifeless and dull without H2O!

Pillow cases collect all kinds of filth that can clog your pores. Conditioner residue, natural scalp oils, and expired makeup are a few things that are eft behind on your pillow case which eventually transfer to your face!  Its best to change out your pillowcase at least once a week.

Make up brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria! Clean your brushes at least once a month with a gentle cleanser or baby shampoo. Wet the bristles of the brush letting the water absorb into the fibers. Put cleanser in the palm of your hand and gently swirl the brush in while rinsing and repeating until water runs clear. Blot the brushes on a clean towel, then use a blow dryer to finish drying the bristles or lay flat dry overnight.

It is so important to be mindful with any interactions when it comes to your skin because bacteria is essentially everywhere.  Making these steps a habit will only benefit you in trying to achieve clean, fresh and radiant skin!  Hope you enjoyed this post, like and/or share if you think it was helpful!



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